Playboy Supsends Playmate After Findings of Breast Implants

As you read the title above, you are probably thinking, “What?? Don’t most playmates have implants??”  Yes, in fact they do.  Why do we care?  Because to many viewers, bigger is better.  These girls go to work and make their living by displaying their body, and, for lack of a better word, their skills.  The statement made by the heading is obviously bogus.  So, what does women modifying their body to increase their appeal at their job have to do with the price of eggs in China?  Only that they are striving for the same results that major league baseball players that use steroids.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I don’t agree with the use of performance enhancing drugs, but should a player’s reputation be tainted just because he is trying to improve his strength and ability to do his job?  I mean, to be in the  majors in the first place, the player has to have incredible talent.  You just don’t quit your job at McDonalds one day, and sign on to be a relief pitcher for the Red Sox the next.  There are no ” Major Leage Baseball Talent” supplements at GNC. The player has to be good to begin with, that requires years of training, and playing.  In my opinion, the reason baseball players take steroids is to set them apart from their fellow team mates.  So they just aren’t one of the better players in the club, but the best player on the team.  The one that the opposing team fear.

Don’t we all do that?  Strive to be the best? To excel beyond the people we work with? Of course we do.  We do it when we show up for work 15 minutes early everyday.  We do it when we bring coffee or breakfast for the boss.  Some even go to such extreme measures as sleeping with our boss in order to skip a few steps of our climb up the corporate ladder.

Steroid use is cheating.  It is very bad for your health.  I don’t advocate their use in sports, but I’m not sure I agree with the way they handle the players that have been users.  I am okay with the 50 and 100 game suspensions, as long as the offender sits out all of the games.  Not just sitting out for some, and then playing in the minors for the remainder.  What does that accomplish?  That is like breaking a rule at your job, and being sent home for a week without pay, and on the drive home the boss calling you to say that you can work at their other location across town to keep your skill and morale up.  If they refuse to let players be elected into the MLB Hall of Fame, then in a few years there will just be nothing.  Only the plaques and artifacts of the baseball of yesterday.  Maybe they will continue to allow their admittance, but just put them in a designated area known as the Hall of Shame. The Billboard Music Awards didn’t strip 50 Cent of his award of Album of the Year in 2003, for Get Rich or Die Tryin‘, when it was discovered that he was using steroids.  Tyler Perry didn’t have to give up his 2010 Chairman’s Award for the NAACP Image Awards when he was caught.  Other entertainers such as Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige, and Timbaland have been suspected of using performance enhancing drugs.  Why are baseball players under more pressure and being watched and punished so much harder?

I say- let’s just play baseball.  Let’s just gather around the tv with our family and root for the home team.  Let’s cherish that beloved crack of the bat and the smell of hot dogs, popcorn and beer in the air.  Let’s rise to our feet when our favorite player hits a fast ball deep, and cheer wildly as it goes into the stands, becoming a souvenir for a lucky fan.  Let’s just love the game for what it is, what it always has been, America’s favorite game.  If a player can deal with the weight of cheating, and the many health risks of using performance enhancing drugs, then that’s their prerogative.  Let’s not let the steroid era cast a dark shadow on this wonderful sport.  Let’s continue to wait, and hopefully one day very very soon, steroids in baseball will be going, going, GONE!

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